About Us

Sanswift Inc located in Surrey BC, Canada is a thriving IT Consulting firm servicing customers all over the world.  Sanswift a truly Canadian success story started in 2005.  Sanswift has found a niche market servicing Enterprise customers Data Centers across the globe and also provide various Turnkey solutions for many industries like E-Commerce portals, Currency Exchange portal, Cannabis Portal, Application Designing and Development along with Complete Digital Marketing.

Sanjay Patankar established Sanswift to provide IT services and slowly started providing high end consulting services.

Sanjay has worked for decades in IT industry and is an expert in LAN, WAN, SAN & Storage domain. Sanjay has serviced many clients in the past fifteen plus years, the list is long but here are a few well known clients: NYSE, Walmart, US DoD, AU DoD, Microsoft, Amazon, AusTrade (AU Fed gov), Fujitsu, Citi Bank, Intercontinental Exchange, HSBC bank, Bank of Canada, Lloyds Bank, E-Health Canada, United Health, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Infosys, Hitachi, Tata Consulting Services (TCS) etc.

Sanswift clients are spread around the globe here are a few locations: Canada, USA, UK, Brussels, Finland, Netherland, Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, India, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Philippines, Argentina, South Africa, Mexico etc.

Sanjay has worked in the IT industry for more than two decades and earned a name for himself.

Data centres are very complex and sensitive IT environments. Managing live data and working with Peta Bytes of sensitive data is not only challenging but also nerve racking.  Sanjay flies to various cities in different continents to ensure that the data center hardware and software is working properly. Disaster recovery and performance is a challenging aspect of fortune 50 companies.  Sanjay has managed to earn their confidence and respect in these fields which is a huge achievement. Not many people are allowed to enter a Data Center let alone design it from scratch. Each storage machine is upwards of a million dollars.

Reliability and trust are very critical in this field and that only comes with time.  Over time customers see the value in Sanswift and hence regard Sanjay as one of the best in the industry.

Sanjay has gained a lot of knowledge and experience over the years and he has given it back to the society by delivering with passion a lot of IT courses over the past decade.  A few course names are listed below.  Sanjay is a motivational speaker at Langara College in Vancouver.

Sanjay has travelled extensively around the globe.  As a sportsman he enjoys playing many different sports namely cricket, badminton, table tennis etc and happens to be good at most.  Cricket is his passion and he is associated with Indcan cricket club (Indcan.org) from Vancouver BC.  Sanjay has won many trophies in various sports.  Sanjay has mentored many young individuals and supports local community activities.  Works with Surrey City to resolve some outstanding social issues.

Hitachi Vantara Certified Trainer

Hitachi Certified to deliver training for Hitachi courses such as:
Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA)
Hitachi Data Center Analytics (HDCA)
Hitachi Data Instance Director (HDID)
Hitachi Performance Advisor (HPA)

Hitachi Command Suite® Device Manager Software
Hitachi Command Suite® Tuning Manager Software
Hitachi Command Suite® Tiered Storage Manager Software
Hitachi Global Active Device
Hitachi Storage Services Manager
Hitachi Global Link Availability Manager
Hitachi Universal Replication
Hitachi True Copy (Synchronous)
Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) and HUS hardware.
Hitachi Universal Storage Platform-V (USP-V & USP-VM) Hardware Hitachi Universal Storage Platform-V (USP-V & USP-VM) Software Hitachi TagmaStore™ Universal Storage Platform & NSC Hardware Hitachi TagmaStore™ Universal Storage Platform & NSC Software Replication Fundamentals
SAN Bootcamp
Brocade CFP 261 4 Gbit / Accelerated BCFP – BLS – TCI1210
Brocade SAN Troubleshooting with Advanced Fabric Services – TCI1190 Brocade SilkWorm 12000 with Advanced Fabric Services – TCI1200 Hitachi Lightning 9900™ V Series System Hardware & Software Hitachi Lightning 9900™ V Series System Overview and Configuration Hitachi Lightning 9900™ V Series System Performance Management Hitachi Lightning 9900™ V Series System Software Solutions

Brocade Certified Trainer

Brocade Certified Training Provider (BCTP). Certified to deliver training for
Brocade courses such as:
CFP 261: Brocade 2 Gbit/sec Accelerated BCFP Brocade Certified Fabric Professional (BCFP)
CSD 261: Brocade SAN Designer course Brocade Certified SAN Designer (BCSD)
AFS 302: Brocade SAN Troubleshooting with Advanced Fabric Services Brocade SilkWorm 24000, 12000 with Advanced Fabric Services

Cisco Certified Trainer

Certified Cisco Systems Instructor (CCSI # 233133).
Delivered training for Cisco courses such as:
Introduction to Cisco Networking Technologies (INTRO)
Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices (ICND)
Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks (BSCI)
Building Cisco Multilayer Switched Networks (BCMSN)
Building Cisco Remote Access Networks (BCRAN)
Cisco Internetwork Troubleshooting (CIT)
CCNA and CCNP Boot camps.


LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/sanjaypatankar/