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what is seo

SEO – Search Engine Marketing, an integral part of the Digital Marketing Strategy that makes your business visible through online channels. It is a demand of today’s world.


Search Engine Optimization is the best way that helps a website to get a higher rank in search engines. It drives maximum traffic to a website which results in a higher rate of investment. Nowadays Search Engine Optimization has become more dynamic and useful as it focuses on overall website audit, rather being adding certain important keywords to a website. Search Engine Optimization has a wide array of ideas which aids to boost business.  A process of increasing online visibility through diverse On-page and Off-page techniques is Search Engine Optimization.


As the rise of new market insights, SEO tactics have taken over the online world. It works according to the user and ever-changing market insights so the capabilities of Search Engine Optimization has been developed.

For instance, if one has stopped utilizing SEO techniques for a website, then one will definitely lose their potential audience and growth declines. Each business needs Search Engine Optimization to be on the top of the search engine page.

As the Internet Marketing industry is emerging and growing at a higher pace, SEO for a website has become a necessity. SEO is an ongoing process which requires consistent monitoring and tracking. One can’t just set Search Engine Optimization for a website and forget. Every little step entails attention. One must be one step ahead of the competitors. Keep a track of what efforts are being made and how many of them are working.


  1. SEO benefits business to create high-speed, strong, & user-friendly websites that ranked higher in the Search Engines. Websites those readability is good and easy to navigate, soon grab the attention of visitors
  2. Search Engine Optimization is a definite mode to increase traffic to a website.
  3. Helps in building credibility as SEO focuses on getting a website on the first page of Google and people trust Google. Helps in building brand awareness.
  4. SEO is the cost-effective strategy of Digital Marketing as it mainly targets those who actually looking for prospective
  5. Keeping track of what competitors are doing to optimize a website. If SEO tactics are utilized wisely, it helps in rising above the competitors.


It seems, there is no big difference between the Digital Marketing and SEO strategies as the functionality of both are the same but with the diverse needs of marketing.  Though, Where Search Engine Optimization aims to drive organic traffic, digital Marketing focuses on the overall optimization of a business.

Basically, SEO is a process of creating a web page which is easy to find and categorize by analyzing a website, putting the right keywords and with appropriate content. Whereas, Digital Marketing, a process of enhancing a business as a whole.

Hence, Search Engine Optimization is an integral part of Digital Marketing and has become the major aspect on which the success of a business depends.

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A good SEO strategy is the base of business success. Here are some key points to consider while building an Search Engine Optimization strategy.

  1. Your Target Audience must be predefined. Demographics and geographically categorize the customers hence get only targeted customers. Google analytics helps in identifying and classifying these factors.
  2. A website must be mobile-friendly. Users should have ease of access, a clear view of content and able to click on a website. One can check a website in Google’s Mobile friendly test by simply submitting the URL of a website.
  3. A website should perform well in other search engines also along with Google. One must create a website according to the compatibility of these search engines because each search engine has a different algorithm. No one knows from where traffic might come.
  4. Keywords are the key to return in investment. The Long Tail Keywords are effective as they define user behavior.
  5. Focus on quality of content rather than the quantity. A website must have correct Meta tags, title tags, SEO keywords, easy navigation, content updating consistency and user-friendly. Each page of a website must be built with the appropriate keywords, strong, unique and plagiarised free content.
  6. Link building plays a significant role as well. Building quality and relevant links can get massive traffic on a website. Backlinking, social bookmarking and social media posting are a major part of Search Engine Optimization. One can bring ample traffic to a website through social presence.


SEO is an ongoing process and gives benefits in the long term. Search Engine Optimization aids in a ranking higher position in the SERP of your website. Basically, it is a way to drive more traffic to your website which leads to more business. It is an integral part of Digital Marketing. Moreover, Search Engine Optimization is a technique to create online visibility of business in an organic way.

Hence the prime objective is to how people will manage the navigation and utilization of your website as it directly affects the fame of a website. How much time a person is spending on a webpage, thus making your website SEO friendly a necessity.

All the attributes of Search Engine Optimization make your website popular. One must take efficient efforts to make your website SEO friendly. While creating a website it should start with making it with Search Engine Optimization planning.

Moreover, after utilizing and featuring all aspects with balanced SEO tips and tricks will definitely give positive results. Hence, SEO covers a major part of Digital Marketing helps in achieving the target audience.

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